Once upon a time not long ago—

Nah I’m just kidding! I’m Tre, CEO and Owner of THR3ADS by Tre. I won’t say I’m the coolest cat, but I think highly of myself, my capabilities to do great things, and my fashion sense.


Even though I’m a youngster, I quickly learned that in life, things can be really amazing. On the other hand, things can be super hectic and chaotic. Outside and internal stresses like school work, friend groups, and bullying on top of personal stressors at home hit hard. Things like this come down heavy on us every day. Brick by brick it can weigh us down and send a person into a bad mental space at the drop of a hat. 

I was 8 years old and at school one day talking to my “friends” about clothes, shoes, and the other cool stuff we all wanted. The new all black Converse had just come out and I wanted them. I was excite because they went perfectly with my new Anime shirt. Everybody was sharing what they wanted and liked. It was my turn. I finally chime in with my excitement for the Converse and all I got in return were blank or disgusted stares. They seemed confused. They all started to laugh. Then the joking started. They asked why I wanted those “ugly shoes” instead of the newest Jordan’s. I didn’t say much after, but I knew then and I know now that the clothes don’t make me. I #makethefit™️

It was things like this that motivated me to start this business. I found that self-expression, especially through fashion is always a quick self-esteem booster. That alone inspired me to start my brand to encourage enhanced self-esteem with inspirational and stylish THR3ADS.


Fashion can be ANYTHING— 

📝 #makethefit™


Tuph | Humble | Resilient | Eager | Ambitious | Dedicated | Sedulous  

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